This causes the measurement for length to increase because of the need for the space for the slot. After picking a length, there must be an allowance for a seem at the bottom of each drape. This could be their first time working with drapes, but anyone who wants to undertake this project must adhere to some simple rules that will allow them to get the best possible result. Measure the window from the top to bottom including the frame. Nobody in their right mind wants to work with custom made curtains without a breadth of knowledge of the subject. Cafe curtains only cover a fraction of the window, a typical curtain just covers the window frame, and some curtains must go all the way to the floor. After selecting the proper measurements, it is necessary to begin sewing the parts together. The glass is only one part of the picture. One must also measure from the edge of the frame on one side to the other. The style of rod or valance dictates the size of the slot that must be sewn into the top of each curtain. Having measured for each variable correctly will make the job very simple to complete. This is clearly going to be more fabric than might have been anticipated, but it is necessary to cover the entirety of the window. Measuring from the top of the frame to the bottom of the windowsill is imperative. IFR Seat-Cover Fabric Manufacturers in China Measuring for custom made curtains is a process that takes time and patience. This is merely a starting point, but it is a figure that one must be quite familiar with. Sew the slot for the curtain rod. Next, sew the seem that will run along each side of the drape, and sew the bottom seem last. Measuring for custom made curtains might seem a bit tedious, but it pays off in a much easier job of sewing the material, hemming the curtains, and completing your brand new drapes. After getting clear measurements of the whole window, it is necessary to determine to the type of rod or valance that will hold up the drapes. They are simple enough, but each one must be followed to the letter. This is only necessary because you do not want the curtain to fray at the bottom. After working on the rod, one must decide what hem will be used at the bottom of each curtain and how much of the window the curtain will cover. The first step in any project is determining the size of the window you are covering. Rather than attempting to do everything all at once, it is best to start at the top and move downward.
Natural fibers do not melt. Silk and wool burn slowly, whereas untreated natural fibers, such as cotton and linen ignite quickly, hence fr coated fabrics manufacturers to name a few alumina trihydrate, antimony trioxide, boron compounds, and others are used to reduce the flammability of fabrics.
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